Your Long-Term Success Depends on Trust-Building!

It's a no-brainer, the success of your sales depends on the degree that customers, potential customers and referral sources trust you. Yet, research shows that we do things all day long - often entirely unconsciously - that undermine the trust we need so much to build and maintain. This isn't because we're bad people - it's simply because of the ways in which even good people think and act.

If your sales matter to you - (And whose sales don't?) - these are programs you'll want to experience. They will help you build and maintain the trust you need to inspire if you are going to grow your bottom line.

Think of it this way... Sales training will help you make your first sale but only trust-building will turn that sale into a long-term customer and referral source for you.

Sales Start With Trust (Don't Let A Lack of Trust End Them!) - For Individuals & Teams - This 45 - 75 minute program will let you see a wide rage of places where you are compromising the customer trust you so vitally need to maintain. It's not because you're a bad person or bad at sales, it's because these are behaviors that humans routinely engage in - we just have to learn to be conscious of them so that we can catch ourselves before any damage is done. You will learn clear, simple, immediately applicable ideas and tools that you will be able to use to assure that your sales numbers are never held back by unintentionally compromised trust. Your sales success may rest on what's in this program. Can you afford not to know about all this?

Building A Culture That Assures Your Team's Trust - For Sales Managers & Executives - Your team's success lives or dies based on the degree to which their customers, prospective customers, and referral sources trust them. Again, that's a no-brainer. However, developing a culture that both builds and supports the behavior needed to maintain that trust can be easier said than done. This practical program will give you ideas and tools you can start using immediately to assure that your team is keeping their eye on the prize - building and maintaining that essential trust. This program will be customized to suit your particular needs and the duration will depend on your objectives. It can be an interactive presentation or a 'hands on' seminar/workshop tailored to your specific goals. Follow-up coaching programs are also available for you and your team members. If you're invested in assuring that your team's sales keep growing, this is a program you strongly need to consider.

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I have been involved in booking speakers for over 4 years for this group and your presentation is truly one of a kind! I will highly recommend you and your presentations to any company or association.

Your topic is one that is sorely overlooked in today's workplace and you are so on point. All I could think of was how many kinds of companies and associations would love you. Your energetic style, humor, strong statistics, and techniques to challenge the audience are a fantastic combination. I daresay that any company with their doors open today would greatly benefit from your presentation.

Thank you again for sharing your time, information and energy with us and feel free to give my number to any company or association considering bringing you in.

Cindy Houston Hazen
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