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Keynotes, Seminars, and Workshops

Would you like your meeting attendees to know the essential information about building a better company with better profits, all while building better ethics at the same time? Would you like to help them learn how to effectively and immediately reduce their personal ethics risks as well as those of your company as a whole? Give them a speaker who can provide this critical information while entertaining, educating and motivating all at the same time!

My most requested programs are:

Professional Ethics: A 'Preventive Maintenance' Approach. A hard-hitting yet surprisingly humorous program that will show attendees the ethics risks they never even knew they had as well as what they can do right now to make sure those risks don't turn into costly ethical problems on the job. This program is perfect for everyone from the front lines right up through senior management. This is my most requested keynote and is now also available as a seminar of up to four hours. (This program is available as a 60 -100 minute presentation, a three to four-hour highly interactive seminar or as a 60-100 minute general session program followed by one to three additional hours/concurrent sessions for folks who would like to dig more deeply into the material. The book, "Better Ethics NOW: How To Avoid The Ethics Disaster You Never Saw Coming" is recommended as reading to follow-up this program. Please see the "Store" page for details on this book and feel free to contact me to arrange a significant discount on bulk orders for your attendees.)

Building and Maintaining Customer Trust. Ultimately your company will live or die based on the degree to which your customers, potential customers, and referral sources trust you. This includes, but goes well beyond, ethics. This program will provide your attendees with the essential ideas and tools necessary to both build and maintain the level of trust we all know is essential to sustained business success. (This program is available as a 45-100 minute presentation, a three to four-hour highly interactive seminar or as a 60-100 minute general session program followed by one to three additional hours/concurrent sessions for folks who would like to dig more deeply into the material.)

Managing Ethics for Maximum Impact. Ethics and compliance can't possibly be assured until your managers know exactly how to promote and reinforce them. This essential 'quick-start' program will give them all the basics they need in a high-impact, highly interactive three-hour program. ("Better Ethics NOW: How To Avoid The Ethics Disaster You Never Saw Coming" is recommended reading to follow-up this program. See above.)

The Incredible Power Of Your Values Statement. At the end of the day, a well-written values statement may affect your business every bit as profoundly as your mission statement. Yet most companies either don't have a values statement or don't have one designed for maximum impact. This high-powered program is designed primarily for management teams and boards and it will take you through the essential steps of creating or improving your values statement. It will then provide key ideas for harnessing the amazing power of a well-constructed values statement for creating business-maximizing initiatives in management, leadership, customer service, and branding. This is a 'must-do' process for companies and yet it is one that is simply overlooked by far too many businesses. (This program is available as a 60-100 minute presentation or as a two to three-hour intensive 'hands-on' workshop.)

Building A Culture of Ethics. 'Tone at the top' is merely a starting place for building a culture of ethics. This 1-2 day intensive workshop will walk your management team straight through the foundation steps of building a top-to-bottom culture of ethics in your company. It doesn't matter where your company is now - this program will help you take it to where it needs to be! Building A Culture of Ethics can be easily combined with customized pre-program assessment packages and after-program coaching and consultation for maximum impact. If your clear goal is a company driven by absolute integrity, this is the program for you. (This program will be highly customized to your specific needs and is available as a half-day, full-day or two-day program.)

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Ethics Seminars  - What's Covered?

60 - 100 minute programs

This length gives attendees a solid overview of what ethics are and aren't (and why the difference matters!), how to easily recognize 'red flags' for personal ethics problems and what to do when you see them, who is most at risk for ethics violations and why, the essentials of confronting others - and oneself! - on ethics concerns, and how to keep ethics clearly in mind in the course of day-to-day decision making. It's perfect for providing audiences with the basics of a 'preventive maintenance' approach to ethics. They will also learn how even a small shift in their focus on ethics can lead to a significant increase in your bottom line and their personal success.

In this format, the depth level is governed by the length of the program.

Whether front-line employees, managers, senior executives or board members, everyone will find essential concepts and immediately useful tools in this program.

100 minute to 4 hour programs

In this format, each of the above content areas can be explored in much greater depth. Not only is more detail provided in the presentation but the attendees move into more actively discussing and practicing the ideas and tools presented. A combination of small and large group discussions are designed to give participants immediate 'hands on' practice with these essential ethics-building tools.

By the time they leave, participants will already have had the opportunity to put several of this seminar's ideas into use both for themsleves and for your company. The impact is immediate!

These programs can be provided for audiences of any size as long as the setting reasonably allows for group discussion.

4+ hours to full day/ multiple day programs

These highly customized programs are ideal when you really want to dig deep into this material. In addition to the presentation of an even greater range and depth of tools and ideas, participants have the opportunity to augment their experience with written work in addition to added small and large group exercizes where skills can be honed even further over the course of one to two full days.

Although these in-depth programs work well both with medium and large-sized groups, they are also easily created for smaller teams, work groups, board or management retreats, etc.

Remember - half to full-day programs leave plenty of room to customize a seminar or retreat for your group.

Would you like to focus on defining your team's or board's core values? How about refining your company's or work group's ethics statement? What about assuring that your managers or senior executives are 'on the same page' with their expectations both for themselves and those under them? Any of these will help build the ethical resilience of your team. Consultation and training is available for work groups, departments, divisions, management groups, senior management teams, and boards. Can you afford not to take the time to both build a better company and get ethics right?

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