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Better ethics build stronger and more resilient departments, divisions and companies. Who doesn't need that?

Besides, your company simply can't afford an ethics problem - there is too much at stake. The financial, legal and public relations consequences can be catastrophic. The direct costs alone can be hundreds of thousands of dollars and, of course, even more. And that's before the losses related to your damaged reputation.

But did you know that most ethics problems are caused by people who know the ethics code and the behaviors expected of them?

So, what your company really needs isn't just one more review of the rules, the ethics code or case law. You need a business ethics speaker who will give you real world tools to build and maintain great ethics while also showing you and your employees how to spot potential ethics problems before they develop and what to do when problems arise. That's exactly what your company will get with any Bauer ethics program. Not only that, but these high content, high ROI programs are fun! See why Christopher Bauer's keynotes and seminars have been called "Serious Ethics Programs That'll Make You Laugh!"

Keynotes, breakouts, seminars, retreats, and consultation are offered. It's a new approach to ethics awareness and ethics training that will really set the stage for developing a culture of ethics in your organization.

How much are you risking in the meantime?

So why THIS ethics keynote or training?

Because - again - your company doesn't need just another review of the ethics code. Christopher Bauer's programs give participants helpful, immediately applicable tools for spotting potential ethics problems both quickly and easily. Attendees will also learn effective skills for dealing with those potential problems when they see them, the essentials of confronting others on ethics concerns, who is most at risk to violate the ethics code and why, how to keep the ethics code clearly in mind in the course of day-to-day decision making, and much more. Other programs are available that will help your organization learn how to build and maintain the trust of customers, potential customers, and referral sources. (And doesn't your organization require their trust in order to thrive?)

These are ethics and values programs that will give your company real-world tools that can be implemented TODAY!

Why THIS Presenter?

Because once you know the ethics code and relevant laws, ethics and compliance are really about the choices we make, aren't they? Christopher Bauer, PhD is a licensed psychologist with over twenty-five years of experience in understanding how and why people make the choices they do. He also knows the most effective methods for teaching people how to make better choices. And that's really the real name of the game in improving your company's ethics as well as maintaining the trust of customers and referral sources.

Besides his expertise in ethics and in making ethics both fun and funny for his audiences, Christopher Bauer's unique style and contributions to the field have led him to be recognized with the prestigious Certified Fraud Specialist designation by the Association of Certified Fraud Specialists. He is also a professional member of the National Speakers Association and has earned their Certified Speaking Professional designation. This designation has been earned by fewer than 10% of professional speaking association members worldwide.

Who Should Attend Christopher Bauer's Programs?

Anyone on whom you count to do the right thing! Why? Because, like it or not, the perception of your company's integrity is based on the behavior of everyone - from the person answering the phones on up to the very top of the company. And, since these unique programs are about how to make the right ethical choices and not about any specific discipline or job description, everyone can benefit! It's merely a question of with whom you wish to start and how broadly you want to reduce the risk of ethics problems in your company.


Dear Chris,

I have been involved in booking speakers for over 4 years for this group and your presentation is truly one of a kind! I will highly recommend you and your presentations to any company or association.

I will admit that I wasn't certain when I heard that ethics was your topic but one of our members had heard you speak twice previously and said you were terrific. She was right! You took a topic that many consider 'dry' and made it both interesting and fun for our members.

Your topic is one that is sorely overlooked in today's workplace and you are so on point. All I could think of was how many kinds of companies and associations would love you. Your energetic style, humor, strong statistics, and techniques to challenge the audience are a fantastic combination. I daresay that any company with their doors open today would greatly benefit from your presentation.

Thank you again for sharing your time, information and energy with us and feel free to give my number to any company or association considering bringing you in.

Cindy Houston Hazen
President - NASP


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